USA Cycling National Championships

Hello, Let me introduce myself. I am a mountain girl from NW Montana where I live life passionately with my husband, Nelson, and daughter, Layla. The mountains are a part of my bigger story beyond racing mountain bikes around the world. Mountain biking has been the vessel that has allowed me to fulfill a divine desire to push physical and mental limits, and adventure to the fullest. My energy flows from my passion, my passion flows out of love, it is love that gives me ultimate joy, and it is joy in which I find my strength.

My Story:

When cycling found me, I was gifted my calling; my purpose in this world seemed to unfold in front of me. I was in my late 20’s and happily married to my college sweetheart. Residing in the mountains of Northwest Montana, we spent the winters skiing deep powder and the summers exploring the mountains and rivers that surrounded us while balancing our jobs.

Simultaneously, Nelson and I became pregnant with our daughter, Layla. With little expectation, but having Nelson’s support and a passionate drive on my side, I continued to pursue racing after her birth; picking and choosing events sparingly, but with great intentionality. As I gained notoriety, I was offered a position with the Stan’s-Pivot Pro Team pb Maxxis in 2015, and have been able to pursue racing full time ever since.

Racing has brought me to some beautiful places, but my heart remains home, tucked into the beauty that surrounds our rustic Montana cabin.

Race Highlights:

  • 5X Mountain Bike Marathon National Champion – 2014-2017 & 2019
  • 4X World Championship National Team member – 2015-2017 & 2019
  • Leadville 100 MTB Champion – 2019
  • Isreal Epic Stage Race – 2nd – 2019

During the past few seasons, I have spent much time rehabbing from multiple injuries. By embracing a whole new meaning to persevering, I have time and time again been able to claw my way back to the top end of the sport. As I continue to race, I have developed a strong desire to lead and inspire by example that hard work pays off. Through these experiences, I aspire to achieve grace, empathy, and vulnerability through the process; and more so embrace the opportunity to love, inspire, and mentor others along the way. In addition, I have a heart for moms in empowering them to continue to pursue their passions and adventure outdoors.

My goal moving forward is to inspire others by pursuing adventure through my passions, and embracing the challenges of life in order to rise through them.


4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Rose Grant you’ re the best bike racer I can not even imagine what an exciting life you are living. Keep up the great and hard work you shine like a star like the sun. The best to your family much love uncle Mike Brown.

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