Pro XCT #1 Bonelli Park

Travels of race season have begun and really won’t stop until mid September. I was gone about a week and a half for this last trip, but to me every opportunity to spend with my team and travel to races with them is a privilege. I am blessed that my husband, Nelson, is willing to hold down the fort at home with Layla while I am gone; he encourages me to continue the journey that began for me now a short 6 years ago.

After spending a long weekend in Sedona for a team photo / video shoot, we headed back to Prescott for some rest, riding, and prep for the first race weekend in San Dimas, CA. At this point in the season, I have been training inside primarily and many unknowns loom leading up to the first race. I know that I have done my work to the best of my ability, and I deserve to be confident in that. In addition, Kenny and TJ are so diligent in making sure my equipment is working flawlessly, that I have little to think about other than myself.


The outcome of the first race was confirmation that I have been faithful in doing my part, and God is continuing to bless my efforts. The women’s field offered some strong competitors, that I was unable to pace with until midseason last year. The race effort actually felt good, and although I faded a bit toward the second half of the race, my pace remained strong and I crossed the line in 4th, behind Erin Huck, Chloe Woodruff (my teammate), and Larissa Connors. The best way that I could describe how flawlessly my Les 29 hardtail handled was nothing less than “Dreamy”. I’ve never had my suspension so dialed as I did for this race. Mike (the Fox guru) had my fork responding perfectly; and my Ikon 2.2 tires on my Valor wheels gave me so much added confidence for descending.

Making sure I have nothing left as I close out the final lap.


Cross Country Elite Podium: Erin Huck, Chloe Woodruff, Larissa Conners, Myself, Katerina Nash

Short track follows Saturday’s XC race on Sunday. Chloe and I had some strategic discussion on tactics, and I was looking forward to another strong day for the both of us. Chloe had an awesome race and took the win, while I had a mishap that left me chasing for most of the second half, which ended in a good training day for me…the effort is never waisted. Short track is like a bonus race that doesn’t carry quite the same importance as the XC race; so it’s easier to swallow when faced with misfortune.

Chasing back through the field in my best effort to re-connect with the lead group…which never happened. 🙂
   Serious race face before Short Track 
Congratulations are in order. I’m honored to call this girl my teammate. She is strong and beautiful inside and out.
Our set-up at the race is pretty plush. I’m going to get spoiled.

Every race gives me new ambitions, motivation, and landmarks. I came home full and ready to keep working harder, loving stronger, and giving greater.

My life at home is pretty dang special.




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