My name is Rose Grant, a professional mountain biker, wife, and mother from Kalispell, Montana.

Four years ago I embarked on a journey that has been the wildest ride I could have ever imagined. That first year I transitioned into the professional ranks in 2012, my husband, Nelson, and I also found out that we were expecting our first child. With family support and strong passion, I continued to train and race. Despite pregnancy and raising our daughter, Layla, each year I have continued to become stronger, faster, and more experienced.

February 2015, my coach challenged me to list my season goals; and encouraged me to make sure those goals were to be challenging. In doing so I had doubts, fears, and reservations; but as the 2015 season has come to a close, and I have wrapped up what became a series of top-level performances; I can say I had a dream season; confirmed with my 2nd Marathon national title, a podium at XC Nationals, making the US XC World Championships team selection, finally followed with the US Olympic long team selection. With appropriate guidance, coaching, and inspiration; now more than ever I am humbled, challenged, and motivated to continue pushing limits and living with my passion as my purpose.

2016 is an exciting year as my plans and goals are coming together. As a member of Team Stan’s NoTubes-PIVOT, I plan to once again race the US Cup Cross Country series, National Championships, World Championships, and a handful of XC World Cup races, in addition to working toward the final Olympic team selection. In addition to setting personal goals in reference to my results, I work to achieve grace, empathy, and vulnerability through the process. I embrace the opportunity to love, inspire, and mentor others along the way, and to encourage them to pursue their dreams.

I believe that my potential is far from being discovered, and that makes the journey exciting. I embrace the work and commitment that unfolds the process.

My thanks goes out to the village who has made it possible to become successful as an athlete mom. First and foremost, my husband, Nelson, offers unconditional love and support; my mom endless hours of childcare; my team and sponsors make it possible to travel and race, and my community… My community is full of individuals who encourage and support me through every step of the process. Sportsman Ski Haus has continued to support me and take care of my bike emergencies. Gratitude from my heart overflows to all of you.



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  1. Rose Grant you’ re the best bike racer I can not even imagine what an exciting life you are living. Keep up the great and hard work you shine like a star like the sun. The best to your family much love uncle Mike Brown.

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